Donations that reach their destination

Every contribution, no matter how small, helps the people of Jahaly on their way to a better future. Help us help. Whether 10 Euro or 10,000 Euro - every donation is an important contribution and the basis for our work in the bush clinic, Jahaly/Madina kindergarten and our other projects in The Gambia Full transparency in the use of donated funds is a matter of course for Projekthilfe Gambia e.V.. Your donations reach their destination with only minimal deductions. Our donors have the security and certainty that donations do not fizzle out in the bureaucracy of an artificially inflated organization. We promise: from each donation euro approx. 96-99 cent go directly into our projects. For years, our expenses for advertising and administrative costs have been between less than one and four percent of our income. In 2020, it was 3.95%, and in 2019 it was as low as 0.98% - a ratio we are proud of. The tax advisor's letters on our advertising and administrative costs can be found here (2020) and here (2019).

Help now

I would like to take over a project sponsorship for the education of a preschool child until revocation for a monthly basic amount of 15 €.

I would like to support the work of Projekthilfe Gambia e.V. permanently and become a supporter of the aid organization for at least 10 € per month until further notice.

I would like to support the work of Projekthilfe Gambia e.V. by making a donation.