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After overseas treatment in Germany: Peace Village brings eight Gambian children home

On 09.12.2022, a team from Friedensdorf (Peace Village) International in Oberhausen, Germany, accompanied eight Gambian children who had received medical treatment in Germany back to The Gambia.

The children were handed over to their parents at Banjul airport. Peace Village staff members Raissa Neumann and Marina Sedrakyan informed the parents in detail about the course of the operation(s) in Germany and gave tips for further follow-up care at home. Two of the children will have to travel to Germany again in March to continue their medical treatment.

In April 2022, the Peace Village team had brought a total of thirteen children who cannot receive adequate medical care in The Gambia to Germany for treatment. In medical terms, this involves the surgical treatment of, for example, oesophageal burns, the consequences of burns or urological and orthopaedic deformities.

Project Aid The Gambai supports the Peace Village in preparing the treatment trips, procures visas and medical documents and looks after the parents while their children are away. All costs for travel, treatment and stay in Germany are covered by the Peace Village. The hospitals in Germany usually operate and treat the children free of charge.


The children travel to Germany without their parents and live in the Peace Village together with many children from other crisis regions of the world until they recover and return to The Gambia.

The cooperation between Peace Vilage and Project Aid The Gambia has existed since 2012. 89 Gambian children have received overseas medical treatment in Germany since then.

During this 17th aid mission to The Gambia, the Peace Village team did not take any children back to Germany for treatment. Six new cases eligible for this were presented to the team. Nine former patients received follow-up medication and medical supplies.

The next Peace Village relief mission to The Gambia is planned for March 2023.

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