Donation Tour 2022

Fundraising Tour 2022 – all tour vehicles sold in The Gambia

The participants of the 2022 fundraising tour from northern Germany to The Gambia have all returned safely to Germany – and are now processing the many experiences on the adventurous 7,000-kilometre journey.

All four tour vehicles have found new owners in the meantime.

The ambulance was handed over to the project. The vehicle now has a Gambian registration, number plate and insurance and will be used as one of two ambulances at the Jahaly Health Centre. We checked the vehicle after the long journey, rebuilt it a bit inside and put project aid stickers on the outside. We use the ambulance to take our patients from Jahaly to the hospital in Bansang, 40 kilometres away, for further treatment if necessary. We donated our “old” ambulance to Kanifing General Hospital.

The blue minibus (Mercedes Sprinter) with 8 seats was bought from us by the Children’s Village Bottrop in The Gambia, financed by the Otto Hahn High School in Dinslaken. The vehicle is to be used as a school bus there.


The white minibus was taken over by a Gambian.

The station wagon was bought by Ablai, a former driver of the project in Gambia. He is using the vehicle to expand his small taxi business.

All proceeds from the sale will go to our projects in The Gambia.

The 2022 fundraising tour of the Northern Regional Group of Projekthilfe Gambia with ten participants led in October from Rodenkirchen, Germany, via France, Spain, Morocco, the Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal to the village of Jahaly in The Gambia. Almost 7,000 kilometres in fourteen days.

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