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Welcome to Projekthilfe Gambia e.V. (Project Aid The Gambia – International NGO A57)

Since 1985, our state-registered nonprofit organisation supports the people of The Gambia. Since 1988 our main target are the villages Jahaly and Madina. The organisation is based in Hattingen / Germany. All members of the organisation are volunteers. The administrative and advertising costs of the organisation amount to only 0.98 % (2019).

We promise: Your donations reach the people in Jahaly directly – with a minimum deduction. We guarantee: from each donated Euro, more than 99 Euro cents reach our projects on-site:

A brief overview  on our current projects in The Gambia you get | here | (as of  August 2022)

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Markus Lanz, a well-known German journalist and TV host, supports “Project Aid” since 2003. Markus Lanz has visitied Jahaly several times.

“I have convinced myself at two visits personally that the donations actually do reach the projects in Jahaly. The “Jahaly Health Centre” has treated around one million patients since 1991 and looks as clean as on the opening day 30 years ago. This is very unusual for Africa and shows that the “Jahaly Health Centre” really is a model for the whole of Africa. This was made possible by the great work of the dedicated clinic team in Jahaly and the generous help of many donors and sponsors in Germany. I would like to ask you to continue with your support of Project Aid The Gambia. On behalf of the people of Jahaly I say: thank you !”

          Yours, Markus Lanze83ef7ac1e


Also: with aid convoy tours from Hattingen/Germany to Jahaly members of “Projekthilfe Gambia e.V.” regularly support our projects in The Gambia. There were aid convois in 1994, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2022.

The tour diary on the Tour 2022 is available | here | (German only)

Check out a report on the Tour 2011 | here | (German only)

An exciting video diary on the aid convoy 2009 is available | here |


Since 2013 next to “Jahaly Health Centre” we develop a plantation of 10,000 Moringa oleifera trees. Please check out the information about Moringa, the most nutritious plant on earth, and about our | Moringa project | in Jahaly. Buy from our | Moringa Shop | “The Gambia Moringa” powder, tea, oil, soap from Moringa. All sales proceeds flow back into our projects. – The page of Moringa Shop will be published as soon as possible.

Health Center BuniaduFrom February 1st, 2017, in cooperation with the German NGO Riverboat Doctors International e.V., we operate the Health Centre Buniadu and the kindergarten (from August 2017) in the village Buniadu at the North Bank of the River Gambia. About 1,000 out-patients are being treated monthly. The Gambian staff in Buniadu consists of two nurses, four auxiliary nurses, three teachers, two cleaners and two watchmen. The Health Centre is equipped with a water supply, a solar power system and a staff house.

More details on the cooperation of the two organizations | here |

Bild_12In 2011/2012 we have built a model clinic in the village Njaba Kunda at the North bank of the River Gambia. The clinic was handed over to the Gambian government in April 2012. The existing health centre of Njaba Kunda was in a pitiful state: the buildings were run down, hygienic conditions were not present, electricity and water supply there was only on hourly basis. We changed that and turned the Njaba Kunda Health Centre into a role model for all government health centres in The Gambia. How we did that? Our report on the grand opening of the new Njaba Kunda Health Centre on April 3th, 2012, and further information please read | here |

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Information about an internship with our organisation at “Jahaly Health Centre” or at the Kindergarten you find | here|

Video: Hello from Jahaly

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