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About Us


About Us

The organisation was founded in 1985  as “Projekthilfe Dritte Welt e.V.” (Project Aid The Thirld World). The organisation based in Hattingen/Germany  is a registered and state-approved charity NGO. In 2015 the organisation was re-named as “Projekthilfe Gambia e.V.” (Project Aid The Gambia).

The organisation has 50 members and about 330 supporters. All of the members including the Board and all activists in Germany work voluntarily. More information on the Board members you may find | here |

The daily work on the ground is done by our Gambian partner organisation “Project Aid The Gambia”. In The Gambia it is registered as “International NGO A57″ | here|.  At our Main Office located in Manjai Kunda next to the capital city Banjul a Gambian Project Coordinator – supported by a small team – organizes the daily work in all of our projects. He especially cares for the logistics of the in-time delivery of all drugs to Jahaly Health Center. At least once a month the Project Coordinator is travelling to Buniadu and Jahaly , where our projects are based.  Jahaly is located in the Central River Region (CRR) 270 kilometers upcountry at the south bank of the river Gambia.

Project Aid The Gambia employs a total of about 70 staffs, amongst others nurses, teachers, cleaners and gardeners.  A Head of the Clinic and a Headmaster team are managing Jahaly Health Center and Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten. More Informationen on our staff in The Gambia you may find | here |

Project Aid The Gambia provides advice for the Gambian government (Ministry of Health – MOH) in issues of rural health care.

The „Friends of the Project“ – a small group of Gambian businessmen –   support the Project Manager when necessary with their experience, contacts, networks and ideas.

Members of the Board and members of the organisation  travel to The Gambia regularly in The Gambia to further develop the project work together with the Gambian team.

For news stories on our organisation and on our projects please visit our Buschklinik Blog | here |

Video: Jahaly Health Centre in The Gambia (2010)

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