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Local Chairmen


In March 2017 Mr. Ali Tambadou (left) and Mr. Charles Mbye (right) were appointed as Local Chairmen of Project Aid The Gambia. They support the Board in Germany as well as the Project Management team with word and deed and with a lot of very useful contacts of their broad network of stakeholders of the Gambian society. Their expertise and ideas valuably contribute to the daily work on the ground and in the field.

Ali Tambadou is Director Business Development of Cayor Enterprises. He has a very personal relationship with the founders of Project Aid The Gambia since more than 30 years and is now continuing the work of his father, the late M.S. Tambadou, who in the 1980s pointed Project Aid The Gambia to the support of the people of Jahaly by initiating the construction of Jahaly Health Centre.

Charles Mbye has been a long-standing suppporter and friend of Project Aid The Gambia. He is the owner of General Engineering, an electro-service company in Manjai Kunda. Charles Mbye is chairman of the Lions Club “Banjul-Kairo”, the organizations`s branch in The Gambia.

Project Coordinator

Ebrimah Jobarteh-Projektkoordinator

Ebrima Jobarteh is the Project Coordinator of Project Aid The Gambia since May 1st, 2018. He had been working as a lab assistant at Jahaly Health Centre for years. In May 2018 he finished his examen as a state enrolled nurse.

Manager Finance and Administration


Mrs. Haddy Sillah joined Project Aid The Gambia in May 2017 as the Manager Finance and Administration. She is assisting the Project Coordinator at the Head Office in Manjai Kunda.

Head of the Clinic


Mrs. Musukuta Baba, trained nurse, is the Head of Jahaly Health Centre. She joined Project Aid The Gambia more than 20 years ago, when she started her training to become an auxiliary nurse.

Photo: © Angelika Berndt

Heads of Jahaly-Madina Kindergarten

20180110_Mai-Manneh-and-Bakary Jammeh-02-acting-heads-of-Jahaly-Madina-kindergarten

Mai Manneh and Bakary Jammeh are the acting heads of Jahaly-Madina Kindergarten. Mai Manneh once was employed as an auxiliary nurse at Jahaly Health Centre, before she was trained as a teacher. Bakary Jammeh has been with us as a teacher at the kindergarten for many years.

Trained nurses

Group trained nurses Januar 2017-klein

The trained nurses at Jahaly Health Centre: Fatou Suso, Fatou K. Ceesay, Musukuta Baba (Clinic Head), Sulayman Saidy and Omar Njie (midwife) – from left to right.

Auxiliary nurses


The auxiliary nurses at Jahaly Health Centre: Yankuba Sanyang, Mariama Banda, Fatoumata Keita, Njie Sarr, Momodou Bobo Jallow, Yusupha Jammeh, Ebrima Fatty and Hawa Camara (from left to right).

Laboratory assistants


The laboratory assistants at Jahaly Health Centre: Ebrimah Jobarteh (left) and Tamba Dambelly (right)

Dental Unit


The Dental Unit is operated by Fatou Banja, who returned as an employee to Project Aid in August 2017. Before the dental unit had been closed  for 30 months due to lack of staff. Fatou Banja is the spokesperson of the entire Jahaly staff. Fatou Banja is supported by Dental Assistant Ebrima L. Fatty.

Photo: © Angelika Berndt



These are the teachers and assistant teachers of Jahaly-Madina Kindergarten. Row above (from left to right): Muhamed Ceesay, Kumba Marega, Muhammed Conteh, Mai Manneh, Jabbir Camara und Mahamadu Jallow. Row below (from left to right): Adama Sawaneh, Adama Sanyang, Fatoumata Camara und Wudeh Saho

Photo: © Angelika Berndt



The cleaning ladies every day make the clinic a clean and hygenic area  and clean the classrooms of the kindergarten: Salimatou Drammeh, Mariama Jagne, Jallo Drammeh and Sarjo Drammeh (from left to right)

Ambulance driver and watchmen


Our ambulance driver and the watchmen of Jahaly Health Centre: Sumbundu Kanteh (driver), Alhamdou Conteh (day watchman, clinic), Muhammed Keiteh (night watchman, kindergarten) und Sorry Ceesay (night watchman, clinic) – (from left to right)



The three gardeners care for the well-being of patients and children at the compounds of clinic and kindergarten. They clean the area – and they daily water all plants for surviving the frequently incredible heat of Jahaly: Musa Camara, Ougari Kolley and Muhammed Kanteh (from left to right)

Workers of Main Office Manjai Kunda


Our workers at the compound of the Main Office in Manjai Kunda. Big picture: Babucarr Sallah (mason), below: Ebou Camara (driver)  und Modou Lamin Badjie (carpenter). Right top-down: Amadou Manga (day watchman), Samba Njie (night watchman) and Theodore Sanyang (gardener)

Video: Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten w/ Nursery School (2010)

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