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On Tuesday, 07.06.2022, Project Aid The Gambia, Germany, started a second aid transport with medical supplies to Lviv, Ukraine. On Thursday, 09.06.2022, the transport reached the city in western Ukraine. To coordinate further aid deliveries, three members of Project Aid visited Lviv last week.

A van set off from Bochum on Tuesday and brought relief supplies to Lviv. The largest part is destined for the children’s heart clinic in Lviv. The medical consumables will ensure the clinic’s operation for three months.

The children’s heart clinic was evacuated from Kiev to Lviv in mid-March. Since then, 500 patients have been waiting for treatment. 45 children have already been operated on by the team led by head physician Dr Andriy Krjevych.

“Here we can only do one or two operations a day,” says the chief physician. “But that is better than nothing.”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health had asked Project Aid The Gambia, Germany, for support and sent a list of materials urgently needed at the clinic.

Project Aid was able to procure a large part of the materials needed. Value: approx. 26,500 Euros. The supplies were financed from the proceeds of a fundraising campaign for Ukraine that Projekct Aid had started on 10.03.2022.

The total proceeds of the fundraising campaign so far amount to approx. 68,000 Euros.

40,000 euros of this have already been spent on the 1st aid transport. On 30 March 2022, Project Aid The Gambia, Germany, in cooperation with the German medical aid organisation action medeor e.V., had sent a truck with 5.6 tons of medicines and medical supplies for the emergency hospital in Lviv. Action medeor had provided additional relief supplies worth 25,000 euros and covered the transport costs.

The 2nd aid transport contains additional infusion equipment worth 1,500 euros as well as ten used infusion machines for a clinic in the city of Mykolajiw in south-eastern Ukraine, among others. The equipment was donated by the Ruhrland Clinic in Essen, Germany. The city of Mykolayiv is under Russian fire.

On Thursday, 02 June 2022 – on the 99th day of the war – Project Aid’s chairperson Matthias Ketteler and two other members of the association were in Lviv for a day to see the situation for themselves on site at the children’s heart clinic.

Matthias Ketteler says: “What impressed me most was how much love and affection the doctors, nurses and caregivers here have for the children and their parents. You have to see that for yourself. It’s unbelievable.”

The Project Aid team also visited two other projects in Lviv that could be supported with future donations – a regional children’s hospital and the organisation “Where Hope Lives”, which, among other things, supplies a large number of internally displaced persons with food and hygiene articles.

The team led by Project Aid’s chairperson Matthias Ketteler set off by car from Bochum, germany, towards Ukraine at midday on Wednesday (01.06.2022) and returned on Friday evening (03.06.2022) after travelling more than 3,000 kilometres.

You can get an impression of the journey in this highlights story on Instagram | here |

The donation account of Ukraine Aid of Project Aid The Gambia, Germany, is now exhausted for the time being. We have spent the entire donation amount of 68,000 Euros on medical supplies and delivered them to Ukraine.

Project Aid the Gambia, Germany, is continuing the donation campaign and will organise a third aid transport in due course. A further donation of 10,000 euros has already been announced.



The Jahaly Health Centre will be the base station for a mobile vaccination team of the Gambian Ministry of Health for Jahaly and the surrounding area. Project Aid has offered the ministry working space and free overnight stays at the Jahaly Health Centre. A second mobile vaccination team works from neighbouring Brikama-Ba. The vaccination teams travel to the individual villages around Jahaly and make an offer of vaccination (Johnson & Johnson)  to the population. The international COVAX initiative has delivered 105,000 more vaccine doses to The Gambia. The Ministry of Health has developed a vaccination plan for all locations throughout The Gambia.

The mobile vaccination team is expected to arrive at the Jahaly Health Centre in the next few days. The arrival is delayed due to logistical difficulties.

In addition, the Jahaly Health Centre has started an education programme among patients and in the surrounding villages. Jahaly Health Centre staff are informing village elders, alkalos and imams about the need for a vaccination against COVID-19. They spread the word. They use village meetings, Friday prayers and local multipliers who march through the villages with drums and pass on the information about the vaccination. Patients who visit the Jahaly Health Centre are also educated daily about the vaccination and encouraged to get vaccinated. The message is: “Corona is real. We have to take the pandemic really seriously. We can all fight it together. No one is safe until everyone is safe. Vaccination is safe and it works.”

Initial feedback from the villages is encouraging: village elders have expressed their support for the vaccination campaign. They say they are now aware of the seriousness of the Corona virus and how important it is to protect themselves and their villages. People in the villages are willing to be vaccinated, they say.

Many residents in the surrounding villages do not have access to information. The opinion that COVID-19 does not exist is widespread in the rural areas.



The Jahaly-Madina kindergarten in Jahaly is finally allowed to reopen on October 28th after a forced break of more than seven months. Schools and kindergartens in The Gambia have been closed since March 18 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For two days, teachers and educators have been preparing the reopening of the kindergarten. First of all, the kindergarten team cleaned all the classrooms from the dust of the last seven months. Then the rooms are cleaned and the outside area is brought back to shape. Minor repairs to the buildings are also necessary. Broken chairs are repaired. Finally, the team develops a hygiene concept in order to meet the requirements of the health authorities. Two days ago, all buildings were thoroughly fumigated by volunteers from the Gambia Red Cross. Since yesterday, parents can register their children for admission to the kindergarten. Not to forget the content-related preparation for the upcoming academic year.

While the kindergarten was closed, all of the Jahaly Health Centre’s patients were escorted across the kindergarten compound – hands were washed and disinfected and masks were distributed to each patient. The classrooms and the large open stage at the playground were used as a waiting area in order to be able to keep the 1.50 meter distance between the patients. The team of Jahaly Health centre now has to work out an alternative setting for this.

The Gambia is the country in West Africa that has been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, no corona infection has been found in Jahaly – but there are also no test options available at all.


Today, Project Aid The Gambia, International NGO A 57, and the German Embassy Office in The Gambia handed over 34 ventilators with additional medical accessories and 18 hospital beds to the Gambian Ministry of Health at Project Aid’s Headquarters in Manjai Kunda.

The 34 ventilators are donations, gathered by Project Aid The Gambia from two medical supplier companies in Germany. Additional medical accessories for the ventilators were also handed over, provided by Project Aid The Gambia, Germany. Janine Hölscher, Political Attaché of the German Embassy Office in The Gambia handed over the medical equipment during a press conference held at the Main Office of Project Aid The Gambia in Manjai Kunda.

“Our delivery of ventilators will significantly improve the equipment of the Gambian health system,” said Charles Mbye, Chairman of Project Aid The Gambia, at the press conference. “The number of COVID-19 infections in The Gambia is surging alarmingly.” According to WHO health experts a possibly uncontrollable outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa in the months to come is feared. “We want to use this remaining time to help improve the dilapidated health system in The Gambia”, the Chairman added.

The ventilators will be used for the treatment of the increasing number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients. The ventilators have a new value of approx. 11 m GMD.

“We are aware of our social responsibility and as a family business we gladly donate life-support devices to Project Aid The Gambia. Ventilation is one of our core competencies and we hope to make a contribution to improving the situation on site”, says Timo Loewenstein from Loewenstein Medical, Germany – one of the companies, that donated the equipment to Project Aid The Gambia.

Heiko Hannemann, Managing Director of Boergel company, Germany: “We are very upset about the current development of the corona pandemic. We hope to be able to make a good contribution to coping with the use of the ventilators we have provided.”

The German Embassy in The Gambia is contributing with a donation of more additional medical accessories for the ventilators worth 400,000 GMD. This equipment will be shipped to The Gambia as soon as possible.

“The German Embassy gladly supports this very timely project as one of our micro-projects. The ventilators and the equipment are much needed amidst the rise of COVID-19 cases in the Gambia, and Project Aid The Gambia has been a trusted partner in The Gambia for many years”, Janine Hoelscher, Political Attaché of the German Embassy Office in The Gambia, explained during the press conference. With the micro-project scheme, the German Embassy supports NGO-initiatives that aim at improving basic needs of the poor and most vulnerable groups of the population.

Musa Omar Saine, Senior Logistics Officer at the Central Medical Store, appreciated the donations on behalf of HE the President of The Gambia and of the Minister of Health: “Any material that is given to the Ministry of Health is distributed very promptly and to the best of our ability. The donations are handed over at the right time to the right unit.”

All equipment is second hand, but in good and functional condition. Two more ventilators are due to be delivered to Medicare Clinic in Brufut. In return, the clinic has agreed to train governmental staff in the correct handling of the ventilators overseen by Project Aid’s Doctor Eliezer Rodriguez, an ER doctor from Venezuela. “We have tested all of the ventilators, so that they are working properly. In addition we have switched the items to English and translated the manuals from German to English”, Dr. Rodriguez said.

The 18 hospital beds are a donation from the Essen University Medical Center, Germany, that in 2019 and 2020 had already supported the health service of The Gambia through a donation of 39 second-hand hospital beds and other medical equipment – on the initiative of Mr. Thorsten Kaatze, Commercial Director and deputy CEO of the Essen University Medical Center: “At the Essen University Medical Center, we are happy to help improve the health system in The Gambia. I hope that our support will reach patients and improve medical care in The Gambia. In the future, too, we are ready to use medical devices in The Gambia in a meaningful way with Project Aid The Gambia.”

In another development, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Directorates of CRR and NBR, Project Aid The Gambia recently donated an amount of 23,000 reusable mouth-nose masks to 50 governmental health facilities in NBR and CRR regions as well as to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital EFSTH in Banjul.

The face masks have been produced in The Gambia in the last few months. The production was funded by the German partner organization of Project Aid The Gambia, which had successfully run a fundraiser in Germany. Up to date Project Aid The Gambia had produced an amount of more than 33,000 face masks, some of which were sold to different NGOs and companies at cost price. The production of the face masks is still ongoing. More masks will be delivered to more health facilities, as soon as those facilities will have been identified by the health authorities.

The press conference were attended by three TV stations, one newspaper and  journalists of three online media houses. Please watch the Facebook livestream of the press conference | here |

The press release you may read | here |

Please watch the news reports of Paradise TV  and StarTV-The Gambia and a tutorial how to set up and operate the artificial respirator VENTIMOTION 2 below.

Paradise TV - 20.08.2020

StarTV - 21.08.2020

Tutorial - Ventimotion 2


Sign-board-Jahaly-Health-Centre-Buschklinik-3I, Matthias Ketteler, for and on behalf of myself as well as the board of Projekthilfe Gambia e. V. (Germany) and the management of Project Aid The Gambia NGO A 57, would like to express our deep concerned about the current political situation in the country. We have been providing development assistance for more than 30 years. Our spirits, our hearts and minds have been with the People of The Gambia in particular the masses, the old and young, the faces and lives that we have touched for the past thirty years and will continue to do so.

The friendliness and warmth that many people have sown us during our work in The Gambia is unique. This has deeply touched our hearths and ultimately gave us strength, motivation and passion to build even more friendship. We also hope to foster development in future which will benefit the people of The Gambia especially the people living in the rural area who desperately needs help and we are fully committed to fulfill our objectives by supporting them even more.

Our work has always been and will surely remain beneficial to the helpless, the sick, men and women, old and young people of the Republic of The Gambia. Being cognizant of the fact that our work does not entails only the provision of Aid but also to show love and dedication which undoubtedly helps the people including the sick as it changes their lives for the better.

As an International NGO we have closely followed the current events in The Gambia from December 1st 2016 to date and cannot help but to express our concern for the safety of The Gambian people whom we served. We see our goals as a 100% dedicated NGO, facing the possibility of not being made to manifest the current developments and worry for the future of our friends, our employees and extended families that are presently seeking for a brighter and better future.

On that note and with nothing but goodwill and love, we therefore appeal to all political leaders to engage in dialogue and commitment that will benefit the People of The Gambia. To make decision based on respect of the laws of The Gambia and to take account of the wishes of the people of The Gambia and the values of peace, ethics and  secular coexistence of all the religions, tribes and cultures that  in our opinion is the most priceless gift of The Gambia. This is something so unique, so rare in the world we live in today.

This is the beauty of The People of The Gambia, which in our opinion must be persevered and be made the corner stone of any decision or action that the different parties will take. It is also our hope that all decisions and measures taken must be towards the prevention of anarchy to cause harm to the people of The Gambia. This instrument is therefore the foundation to peaceful transition process that is manifested by the entire population.

We urge and wish for a peaceful outcome of the current situation in The Gambia, without threat or violence. It is evident to see that this is the opinion of the majority of the population of Gambians at home and abroad including friends of The Gambia. The people of The Gambia would like to see a future without fear, a future of new dawns, new hopes and new beginnings. This fact has been made evident by the determination of Gambian People. We express our prayers and thus demonstrate our goodwill gesture to support the aspiration of the Gambian people who deserves to be respected at all cost. It is the duty of any government to respect and implement the decision and choice of her people.

The very foundation of democracy is built on the this principle of respect of the choice of the people, by the people, and this constitutional right must be not only defended but also respected by the politically elected representatives that are in office by way of a democratically elected and chosen people and government.

We hope that those entrusted with this mandate will act solely in the interest of peace, love and the successful future of The Gambia.

Thought for today and a gentle reminder.

In peace and friendship always,

Matthias Ketteler, chairman and Good Will Ambassador At Large of The Republic of The Gambia, in the name of the board of Projekthilfe Gambia e. V. (Germany) and the management of Project Aid The Gambia NGO A 57.

Manjai Kunda, Hattingen/Germany on January 3rd, 2017


Team-Gambia-Spendentour-2017At the beginning of the year 2017 nine members of the north German branch of Projekthilfe Gambia (Project Aid The Gambia) start their next humanitarian convoy to The Gambia. The will drive three mini-busses all the way down to Jahaly. The mini-busses will be sold and then serve as taxis.

To cope these challenges we kindly ask for your support. We raise two Euro for each of the 6,600 kilometers to be driven. We aim to reach 20,000 Euro of overall donations in favor of Project Aid. The drivers themselves are going to hand over the donations right at Jahaly Health Centre. We guarantee: all donations reach the good cause directly.



Check out the road map of the convoy | here |

Meet the convoy´s crew | here |

Please kindly donate now | here |

Please visit the website of the convoy 2017 | here |

By the way: the crew members pay all costs of the convoy trip inc. the tickets for their flight home on their own!



Erinnern Sie sich an die Fußball-Jungs von Jahaly? Sie hatten uns im September auf der Moringa-Plantage geholfen. Jetzt haben sie als Dankeschön Bälle und gebrauchte  Fußball-Trikots bekommen. Vielen Dank dafür an den SV Burgaltendorf.

Fotos: © 2015 Project Aid The Gambia / Famara Fatty

20151125_Jahaly-football-youths-01-klein 20151125_Jahaly-football-youths-02-klein



The villagers of Jahaly have – in their very own way – thanked for the tractor, which Project Aid The Gambia is providing  to the farmers of the village since the end of September. The second-hand tractor itself was a generous donation of the German charity “Friedensdorf (Peace Village) International” in Oberhausen/Germany.

In early October 80 villagers of Jahaly showed up at the Moringa plantation behind Jahaly Health Centre and kindergarten and helped the workers for an entire day whith the weeding of grass and weeds. During the last rainy season which seems to be over now, it has rained so much that the five Moringa workers of the plantation can hardly keep up with the weeding of the field of the 10,000 Moringa trees. Even the Imam (leader of the Muslim community) of Jahaly took part in the action. In the evening, half of the plantation was clean.

The tractor can be hired by the farmers for work in their fields. The farmers pay the diesel they use, and Project Aid The Gmbia pays the salary of the driver and takes over the costs of the maintenance of the tractor.

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