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It was a long journey for Project Aid The Gambia`s chairman Matthias Ketteler, Charles Mbye, the Local Chairman of Project Aid The Gambia and Christian Goeken of Riverboat Doctors International, to meet the Gambian President Adama Barrow. 370 kilometers from the coast to the very east of the country, where the president spent some days in his hometown Mansajang Kunda

President Barrow took 45 minutes on 16/05/2018, to discuss with the delegation of Project Aid the challenging situation of the rural centers in particular. After 22 years of dictatorship of the former ruler Yaya Jammeh, the state treasuries were looted, the president said. The smallest country in Africa relies on international aid.

Charles M’bye emphasized the many years of help provided by Project Aid The Gambia in various areas. President Barrow praised the work of Jahaly Health Centre, which has had an excellent reputation for over 27 years and is known in the Ministry of Health as THE role model for rural health services.

Matthias Ketteler explained some ideas for improving the supply of medicines and the provision of used medical devices. In the past ten months, various devices have already been made available through Project Aid The Gambia. However, for the collection of donations in kind, for maintenance measures and for training of Gambian technicians, tProject Aid needs appropriate agreements with the government, he said. Charles M’bye made it clear that such a cooperation would require a direct and competent government contact person to speed up communication and decision-making.

These proposals were approved by President Barrow. While still in the talk, he ordered a meeting over the phone for the next day with the Minister of Health, the Permanent Secretary, the Health Director  of The Gambia and the head of the largest Gambian Hospital (RVTH) with the representatives of Project Aid The Gambia

The following topics should be discussed:

– Provision of medicines in rural health stations

– Assistance in the maintenance / repair of health centers

– technical possibilities of collecting treatment statistics, drug use, early detection of epidemics

– Support of hospitals with medical equipment

– Training measures for the qualification of Gambian technicians regarding the maintenance and repair of medical devices

An employee of the President’s Office was designated as a direct contact person for Project Aid.

Towards the end of the very productive conversation, the work of the Health Centre Buniadu of Riverboat Doctors International was also addressed. The president was also well informed on this issue. He thanked the delegation for the help of the past years and for the reopening of the health centre.



Grafik-Patienten-Buschklinik-JHC-2011-bis-2015-1In 2015 Jahaly Health Centre treated 46,190 in- and out-patients – 72 per cent more than 2014 (26,867). One reason: there are enough drugs available at JHC at all times – thanks to your donations. Another reason: for patients drugs are free of charge at Jahaly Heath Centre, other than at state-run health centres. We charge a small fee for treatment or lab service only. This is less than 1 Euro each. But: it is clear that we face a major increase in expenses for drugs. Most patients were out-patients, 897 patients (2014: 587) were admitted. 250 patients (2014: 185) were referred by our ambulance car to Bansang hospital for further treatment. 2015 we had 108 deliveries (64 boys, 41 girls) at Jahaly Health Centre, 21 more than in 2014. The amount of lab tests increased to 23,074 (2014: 19,650), whereof 11,192 were tests for Malaria, whereof  1,941 were positiv.

These numbers are part of our “Annual Report 2015″, just published by “Project Aid The Gambia”. Each year our sister organization puts together such a report for the Gambian government (Ministry of Health). The annual report is packed full with information on all activities and projects of the year under review.

The full Annual Report 2015 und all Annual Reports since 2007 You may read | here |.

Manjai Kunda: Zwischenlager für Medikamente Medikamenten - Transfer store for drugs

Manjai Kunda: Transfer store for drugs

This is the just extended transfer station for the drugs at our Main Office in Manjai Kunda. Here we store all drugs alloted for Jahaly Health Centre. Every month from here we transport drugs to the clinic for refilling its three months’ stock.

Medikamenten-Zwischenlager / Transfer storage for drugs

Transfer storage for drugs

Auch die Regale sind gefliest. – Even the shelves are being tiled.

Even the shelves are being tiled.

Fotos: © 2015 Project Aid The Gambia / Famara Fatty