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Donations that reache the cause

Every little bit helps the people in Jahaly on their way to a better future. Help us to help. Whether 10 Euros or 10,000 Euros – every donation is an important contribution and a basis for our work in Jahaly Health Centre, Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten and our other projects in The Gambia.

We guarantee full transparency in the use of donated funds for Project Aid The Gambia. Your donations reach their destination with minimal deduction. Our donors have the certainty that their donations do not go into  the  artificially inflated bureaucracy.

We promise: from each single Euro donated some 96-99+ cents go directly into our projects. For years, our spending on advertising and administrative costs are around one up to around four percent of our revenue. In 2020, the figure was 3.98 percent; in 2019, it was as low as 0.98 percent – a rate which we are proud of. The letters from our tax consultant concerning our advertising and administrative expenses in 2020 and 2019 can be found | here | (2020) and | here | (2019). (German only).

You can support Project Aid the Gambia with a one-off or regular donation. Become a sponsor for one of the up to 450 places in our Kindergarten with pre-school.

Please send your donation to the bank accounts below or use the forms for donations and sponsorships at the bottom of this page.

Sparkasse Hattingen

Account No: 50963
IBAN: DE20 4305 1040 0000 0509 63

Oldenburgische Landesbank

Account No: 1742543000
IBAN: DE41 2802 0050 1742 5430 00

Geno Bank Essen e.G.

Account No: 200900900
IBAN: DE57 3606 0488 0200 9009 00


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§ 355 BGB (German Civil Law) – Withdrawal at received contract – You will be given a statutory right of withdrawal under this provision, so that you are no longer bound by your agreement, if it is revoked in due time. You can withdraw without justification. The withdrawal has to be in written form, in writing, and has to be sent to Project Aid The Gambia within two weeks. To meet the deadline it is sufficient, to document the fact of sending.

Video: 15 good reasons why to support us (2011)

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