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Investing in the children´s future

Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten with Nursery School

In 2004 Project Aid The Gambia opened the Jahaly/Madina kindergarten with pre-school for 240 children right next to the “Jahaly Health Centre”. The cost for construction and operation of the first three years were financed through a charity fundraising program of RTL German Television.

The request to attend kindergarten and pre-school has increased steadily in recent years. In 2014 afternoon classes have been introduced. This made it possible to care for up to 480 children. Presently (2019/2020) we teach 382 children. In the academic year 2018/2019 there were 340 children, 2017/2018 280 children, 2016/2017 360 children, 2015/2016 450 children, 2014/2015 410 children.

Children are divided into three grades with two to four classes each. Their age range between four and seven years and they learn the basics of reading, writing, counting and are thus prepared to later attend the Primary School. They also learn the English language, which is key for attending the Primary School. The children speak in their local language at home.

Children are given a lunch every kindergarten day. For this, parents pay a small fee of 300 Dalasis (about 5 Euros) per academic year.There are class rooms, a school garden, a playground and a stage for presentations. Additionally the Kindergarten has an own kitchen and store, offices for the teachers, ten toilets and sinks. Great importance is attached to the education on hygiene – for example on washing hands before and after eating .

Patricia Ceesay, who runs a Private School in the capital region, visits the Kindergarten in Jahaly several times every academic year. She organises workshops for the teachers and motivates all the staff. She managed to create understanding for the children in the rural area, which is not too common in the country.

At benchmarking events with other kindergartens in The Gambia the Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten is gaining regularly top positions.

All employees are provided with an apartment placed on the premises of Jahaly Health Centre.


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Video: Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten w/ pre-school in The Gambia (2010)

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