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Humanitarian Conyoy 2017: two Euro for each kilometer

Team-Gambia-Spendentour-2017At the beginning of the year 2017 nine members of the north German branch of Projekthilfe Gambia (Project Aid The Gambia) start their next humanitarian convoy to The Gambia. The will drive three mini-busses all the way down to Jahaly. The mini-busses will be sold and then serve as taxis.

To cope these challenges we kindly ask for your support. We raise two Euro for each of the 6,600 kilometers to be driven. We aim to reach 20,000 Euro of overall donations in favor of Project Aid. The drivers themselves are going to hand over the donations right at Jahaly Health Centre. We guarantee: all donations reach the good cause directly.



Check out the road map of the convoy | here |

Meet the convoy´s crew | here |

Please kindly donate now | here |

Please visit the website of the convoy 2017 | here |

By the way: the crew members pay all costs of the convoy trip inc. the tickets for their flight home on their own!



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