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Requests for help from The Gambia via social media – beware of fakes!!!

We are increasingly receiving e-mails and messages from friends and supporters of Project Aid The Gambia who report that they are being contacted via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) by people from The Gambia who are themselves – or their relatives, friends – in a social, financial, health or other emergency situation and are asking for help.

Project Aid The Gambia’s position on such requests for help is as follows:

Most of the time, these cases are a fake or a criminal scam. The stories that are told are usually adventurous, illogical or simply false. Often, fake photos and/or documents are sent along to prove the – alleged – plight. In the beginning, we tried to verify the fates described. So far, all cases without exception have turned out to be fake. Often the contact was broken off when we offered – apart from money – concrete help, e.g. a medical examination in one of our health centers.

We recommend NOT to respond to such requests for help and under no circumstances to transfer money to The Gambia to unknown persons who have contacted you via social media. Break off the contact and block the respective users.

Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility that one of these fates is true after all. In any case, we are not in a position, either in terms of personnel or finances, to verify such stories. OProject Aid The Gambia cannot provide individual help in social and financial emergencies. We are committed to improving the lives of as many people as possible in The Gambia through our health and education projects.

If you would like to support people in The Gambia, please do so only through recognised aid organisations. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your interest in the people of The Gambia. We are always happy to receive support for our work. How about sponsoring a kindergarten place for our kindergarten with pre-school in Jahaly? Sponsorship application | here |

By the way: another organisation working in The Gambia also reports about similar experiences in a Facebook post | here |

You can download general information from Project Aid The Gambia on such requests | here | (German only)



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