Jahaly Health Centre 2015: 70 per cent more patients than 2014

Grafik-Patienten-Buschklinik-JHC-2011-bis-2015-1In 2015 Jahaly Health Centre treated 46,190 in- and out-patients – 72 per cent more than 2014 (26,867). One reason: there are enough drugs available at JHC at all times – thanks to your donations. Another reason: for patients drugs are free of charge at Jahaly Heath Centre, other than at state-run health centres. We charge a small fee for treatment or lab service only. This is less than 1 Euro each. But: it is clear that we face a major increase in expenses for drugs. Most patients were out-patients, 897 patients (2014: 587) were admitted. 250 patients (2014: 185) were referred by our ambulance car to Bansang hospital for further treatment. 2015 we had 108 deliveries (64 boys, 41 girls) at Jahaly Health Centre, 21 more than in 2014. The amount of lab tests increased to 23,074 (2014: 19,650), whereof 11,192 were tests for Malaria, whereof  1,941 were positiv.

These numbers are part of our “Annual Report 2015″, just published by “Project Aid The Gambia”. Each year our sister organization puts together such a report for the Gambian government (Ministry of Health). The annual report is packed full with information on all activities and projects of the year under review.

The full Annual Report 2015 und all Annual Reports since 2007 You may read | here |.


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