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Everything new on Facebook & Co: Project Aid The Gambia launches new social media presence

After many weeks of preparation, Project Aid The Gambia launches its revamped Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn presence.

In cooperation with Project Aid, the digital agency helllicht, Frankfurt/M., developed an overarching concept for the association’s social media presence. Uniform graphic elements make Project Aid The Gambia unmistakable and recognisable in all social media channels. We at Project Aid want to become more visible as a non-profit brand for the young generation.

Starting today, we will regularly report about us and our activities in different formats. The curved lines in the graphics symbolise the River Gambia, which gives the country its distinctive character.

Our vision: We want to sustainably improve health, education and employment in rural Gambia.

Our mission: We work transparently, effectively, provide help for self-help and represent The Gambia’s concerns in Germany.

As a first step, we have unified the names of all our social media profiles. Our appearances on all social media channels are now called like our association in Germany: Projekthilfe Gambia (Project Aid The Gambia). In this context, we have parted with the name “Buschklinik” (bush clinic). The name had historical reasons. In the meantime, it is no longer appropriate. The “bush clinic” is the Jahaly Health Centre – a modern, clean health station. It no longer has anything to do with the bush. Friends in The Gambia have also pointed this out to us. We are very grateful for that.

The goal of our activities on social media: On social media, we establish Project Aid The Gambia as a voice for development in The Gambia. We show how good deeds can be carried to the outside world even as a small association and how the young generation can be carried along. This is of great importance because in the medium term there will also be a change of generations among the people who run Project Aid. Through informative, personal and honest storytelling, we want to inspire followers for our projects, for us as an association and for The Gambia as a country.

The digital agency helllicht (claim: “We are the good guys”) created the concept on a voluntary basis as part of its CSR activities. In this way, they are taking on social responsibility and showing social commitment. We thank them for this from the bottom of our hearts.

Ulfert Engelkes, board member of Project Aid The Gambia: “We have the stories, and helllicht has the expertise on how to present our content professionally. It’s a good match.”

The next step is already being worked on at helllicht: a revised website. We are really looking forward to our new business card on the web. It will be ready in autumn. By the way: with the publication of our new website, you can find us on the net at

Here are the links to the social media channels of Project Aid:






Please follow us :-) Thank you very much.

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