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Birthday present for Jahaly Health Centre

Project-cars-2016-04_kleinWhat an amazing birthday present! Few days ahead of the 25th anniversary of Jahaly Health Centre our new project cars have safely arrived in The Gambia: two secondhand VW Touareg cars – safely stored in a 40 feet container. With all our heart we appreciate the generous donor who wants to remain anonymous.

It was not easy to locate “our” container amongst all the others at Banjul port and to safely unload the cars. Now they are parked inside the compound of the headquarters of Project Aid The Gambia in Manjai Kunda waiting to be provided with Gambian number plates.

Disvover the QR Codes at the back of the cars – right and left of the back lights. Scanning the code with a smartphone you willl be directed to our website directly.

Fotos: © 2016 Famara Fatty/Project Aid The Gambia


Our container is MRKU 278472 (8) 45 G1 in the second row – centre left


The container is beeing lifted to the ground for unloading


The QR codes next to the back lights



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